vintaged & recycled crockery

Japp! today we brought our second-hand sourced crockery in to the house. For a whole set of dishes and compliments we only paid 250 kr, which is about 20 pounds; and not only is it eco-friendly because we are recycling existing plates, it also helps to add that lovely vintage style to an event. I don’t know if you ever thought about it, but plates from the past are a lot smaller than modern plates which is quite interesting considering the fact that a lot of people are struggling with their weight nowadays and obviously that is because we eat to much and move to little…they didn’t really have that problem in the past as generally life was more physical with a large proportion of the population working with agriculture as well as having smaller plates and less processed junk.. -so hey, lets move towards the old days a bit more!

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wedding decoration

Currently working to get all the details ready for the wedding by recycling peoples rice lamps and turning them in to garden decoration for the special day. After a multiple call for unwanted rice lamps on local advertising boards, we now have a supply of them to transform; and by using left-over paints and freshly ordered eco-paint, with second-hand sourced fabric, lace and unused jewellery this is what we have created…

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Art & Deco

Home sweet home… well I suppose we all like to live in a decent place with nice things around us, however I am going to propose that ‘nice things’ should be something personal and ecological, may that be recycled, up-cycled or created from scratch doesn’t really matter as long as we like it and it makes our home feel like the best place to be, or like William Morris said: “have nothing in your house which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” Eco Design Umea have created these objects which can be used around the house or created as personal presents to loved ones.


Old bottles and some left over household paint? well together they make pretty & decorative ornaments which you can use as vases, candle holders or simply as decoration.

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old objects like yarn winding tools can be transformed into beautiful and original plant pots, just remember to seal the wood on the inside or water will leak when you water the plant…

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Another tip is to check out containers near building sites because when large companies do their refurbishments they often throw away objects; like these industrial lamps, without being faulty -and you might be the lucky one to pick them up so they don’t go to waste!

kids corner

Anyone with kids at home?

-well yes we have a few around here, and believe me, they sure know how to make a mess! However its lovely when they are free, creative and simply does what ever comes to their mind (well, within limits of course…) But what do we do with all their stuff?

-BOXES!! its the most simple and effective way of storing things, and you can organize and categories them if you want to or just throw stuff in there -it still looks fine!

Eco Design Umea has created these lovely painted wooden boxes for the kids room, as the idea of plastic boxes feels very wrong in an eco concious mind…and wood is such a lovely and natural material. The boxes comes in various colours & sizes and are extremely useful in the kids room.

The best part is that the little ones even likes to help out when tidying up if they can place objects into a box -great! what more do you want?!?!


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our eco-wedding Eco-wedding in an old house ;  a serious and lovely thought towards ecological use and our global footprint.. restore an old and abandoned house, fill it with love, decorate it with sustainable and re-useable objects like vintage bedsheets as tablecloths which later can be used as bedlinen (ok you might have to get rid of a few wine stains or dye them with beetroot…) but most importantly use old and beautiful things and give it new life.

So lets start with the house! A timber house which is more then 100 years old with electricity but no running water or toilet; however the structure and the space is just amazing and the house is located on top of a hill surrounded by fields of pure nature. Inside the house you have 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and some storage space on the ground floor, and the top floor it is just…

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Eco invitations

For the environmentally conscious mind; here we have some pretty cool eco-invitations for a wedding, which are printed on re-usable tea towels. The original towels were bought second hand and then our own design (Eco Design Umea) were printed by an environmental printing company, so when the guests receive their invitation  not only will they be reminded of the couple (a textile designer and a chef) but they will also have a product for life.

Moreover; this will give them a hint about the ecologically conscious vintage wedding they are about to attend, whereas many invitations end up in the bin, these can be used again and again; and that is the whole idea of this event, -use objects which have a second purpose or already exist -all in the spirit of establishing a long-lasting relation with the material world and move away from the buy & throw away mentality that our consumer society has today.

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writing history


writing a history

what is more wonderful than old antique objects?
They have an interesting shape and are so much more robust than modern things, well don’t get it wrong, of course there are some fantastic modern designs too but old fashion design has a beautiful spirit about them which I think modern designs somehow lack. Moreover they were not made to be thrown away which a lot of modern designs are, well of course that just makes us consume and buy more stuff which is beneficial for the commercial market…but that is no good for our environment.

But it is hard re-thinking as we are all a product of modern society, its what we know and what we are born into so one really has to make an effort to ‘go-back’ and develop a non-consumer philosophy and try to be and consume in a more sustainable way.

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