wedding decoration

Currently working to get all the details ready for the wedding by recycling peoples rice lamps and turning them in to garden decoration for the special day. After a multiple call for unwanted rice lamps on local advertising boards, we now have a supply of them to transform; and by using left-over paints and freshly ordered eco-paint, with second-hand sourced fabric, lace and unused jewellery this is what we have created…

2014-03-20 14.50.55 2014-03-20 14.49.24 2014-03-20 14.50.47


Published by miss ostensson eco creations

Art & design studio focusing on sustainable existence; aiming to create ecological and beautiful products for events, private use and display. Eco-Design-Umea offer ecological art & design, deco, up-cycled garments and odd furniture's with a twist. we are here to create opportunities for people to leave a better carbon foot print by offering them better choices; we all have a choice of how our foot print will be…

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    1. Thanks!!! I am glad you like them! they do take quite a long time to make though, however am hoping to have about 10 made for a eco-wedding this Juni…the idea is that they will be hung in the garden to make it look pretty. Lets see.. will take some pictures and post them here.
      best regards miss ostensson

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