One thing that is really bothering me at the moment is packaging. Since we watched the documentary ‘Food Inc’we have religiously bought organic and ecologically produced products and I am proud to say that the fridge is now weekly stocked with ecological food. (watch the movie if you haven’t done it already) However, as good as this is, the majority of goods are wrapped in plastic and not in just one layer; -no often in several different layers or containers of plastic!

so my question is why? -is this really necessary? and what alternatives do we have in the battle for a better environment…well I have done a bit of research and yes there are quite a few companies who produce environmentally friendly packaging, however they are still in the minority so what can we as individual do?!? well this is one idea, and in no means is it the only one, but the other day we had a pack of really lovely crisp bread which came in a rather nice carton package that I liked so I took the box and decoupaged it with old vintage book pages and then stamped it with black ink, so now it can be used again for our own products. This is the result:


I will continue to explore alternative routes for creating and reusing packaging, and the question still remains, do we need so much of it?





what do you think?

Do you care about improving and appreciate creativity in this world? Does environmental issues concern you? Do you like to do things a bit different and have a good time? If you were to organize a party what would be important to you? Do we have to choose; and if so what would you choose? hmmm a lot of questions… what do you want?

Design has a lot to do with thoughts, decisions, creativity, and fun -and if we can combine that with environmental concern I think we have got a winning concept, or what do you think? well maybe sometimes we can’t include them all in one object, but its good to try!

-what do you think?

Who I am & why I am here?

I am an art and design creator who is passionate about ecological existence and I have chosen to start this blog as a window of what I create  related to eco design as I am combining my artistic ability with ecological thinking. However this is not a blog about ecological food, health and beauty even though I think that is important too, but as that is not my expertise I will leave that to other people who know far more about those topics than I do.


Well, I do buy ecological food and products as far as possible but I am not a full-blown vegan or anything like that. I believe that whilst considering environmental issue you should not have to compromise style but be offered ecological designs within all categories with ease. Moreover, as consumers we all have a responsibility despite the fact that we can’t change the world; because as an individual you can change what you do! – but for that we need options and I am hoping that Eco Design Umea will be part of providing options in order to promote ecological consumption related to chic events such as party’s and weddings, decoration, textile, clothes, kids and art display -or what ever else comes to my mind.

Initially I trained and worked as a fashion and textile designer, however with the insight of the dirty fashion industry I developed my work towards art; -as it is the artistic expression and creativity I am really passionate about. I have spent 20 years of my life abroad, living mainly in London, UK, but also in Barcelona for 5 years. During my years in Spain I stumbled upon a company who manufactured puppets and marionettes whom I ended up working with for several years whilst having my own art studio at the same time. As recession hit Spain my partner moved back to London to set up a restaurant and I joined him a year later, just to find out I was pregnant! So with the onset of starting a family I thought I needed to find something more stable to do (financially) which still allowed me to be creative, so I did a PGCE at the Institute of Education and started teaching art & design.

The idea of education I think is very important, (even though I don’t always agree with traditional methods) however I suppose what I am intending to do here is a combination of education with art & design, as for me ecological knowledge is something we all need to learn more about in order to improve our society and art & design is a great tool to express and communicate as well as explore new ideas and products.

So to cut a long story short, I now have two children and have recently moved back to my native country Sweden; am still teaching but also making my own work which I’m hoping to do more and more of as the girls grow older. At the moment I am looking to find a studio space here in the north as the flat is getting very cramped with the making and the girls, and ideally I would like to have more time and attention for my own work, lets see… -will keep you posted!


Upcycle with glitter and glamour

Surely we all have some worn and tatty looking things around that could do with a bit of love and attention, well I found this rather sad looking apple on my balcony the other day, it was bright green last year before the snow fell but now it was almost black of sadness. Maybe some people would like to have a black apple for decoration but as I’ve got a five year old girl in the house who completely adores pink and glitter, -that simply is out of the question! So armed with some PVA glue and pink glitter we started the process of transforming this ‘winter’ apple to a shiny glamorous star, -and here is the result! Works quite well with a green plant which then makes a nice gift for yourself or someone who deserves it…shine on!

apple 2014-04-10 19.09.282014-04-10 19.07.02 2014-04-10 19.06.29

Recycled and ecologically designed tins

Am pleased to present these 100% ecological and recycled cans, which have been turned into flower vases for a eco-wedding. They will be part of the table decoration for this event but could also be used as a general pot around the house for pens, coins or any other loose item you would like to collect in one place.

So how were they made? Well first of all I washed the tins with environmentally friendly washing up liquid ( yes, -am a bit brainwashed about using all things eco…) then after drying I painted them with ecological paint, in 2 coats, and while that was setting I carefully cut out ornaments and flowers from old vintage curtains which were glued on the tin and left to dry over night. The good thing is that metal tins holds water and works perfectly as vases.  As spring has just begun to reveal itself here in the north of Sweden it is to early for wild flowers, however once they arrive I will pick some and arrange a ‘complete’ photo, but for now you can have a look at these…


2014-04-03 20.04.132014-04-03 20.05.00  2014-04-03 20.00.39   2014-04-03 20.03.36

2014-04-03 20.01.36
These tins have been given a mat finish but a high gloss one could also look pretty cool.
2014-04-03 20.02.55
The colour scheme and ornaments could also be adapted to fit any kind of event.
2014-04-03 19.57.50
Packed and ready to go!