One thing that is really bothering me at the moment is packaging. Since we watched the documentary ‘Food Inc’we have religiously bought organic and ecologically produced products and I am proud to say that the fridge is now weekly stocked with ecological food. (watch the movie if you haven’t done it already) However, as good […]

what do you think?

Do you care about improving and appreciate creativity in this world? Does environmental issues concern you? Do you like to do things a bit different and have a good time? If you were to organize a party what would be important to you? Do we have to choose; and if so what would you choose? […]

Who I am & why I am here?

I am an art and design creator who is passionate about ecological existence and I have chosen to start this blog as a window of what I createĀ  related to eco design as I am combining my artistic ability with ecological thinking. However this is not a blog about ecological food, health and beauty even […]

Upcycle with glitter and glamour

Surely we all have some worn and tatty looking things around that could do with a bit of love and attention, well I found this rather sad looking apple on my balcony the other day, it was bright green last year before the snow fell but now it was almost black of sadness. Maybe some […]

Recycled and ecologically designed tins

Am pleased to present these 100% ecological and recycled cans, which have been turned into flower vases for a eco-wedding. They will be part of the table decoration for this event but could also be used as a general pot around the house for pens, coins or any other loose item you would like to […]