One thing that is really bothering me at the moment is packaging. Since we watched the documentary ‘Food Inc’we have religiously bought organic and ecologically produced products and I am proud to say that the fridge is now weekly stocked with ecological food. (watch the movie if you haven’t done it already) However, as good as this is, the majority of goods are wrapped in plastic and not in just one layer; -no often in several different layers or containers of plastic!

so my question is why? -is this really necessary? and what alternatives do we have in the battle for a better environment…well I have done a bit of research and yes there are quite a few companies who produce environmentally friendly packaging, however they are still in the minority so what can we as individual do?!? well this is one idea, and in no means is it the only one, but the other day we had a pack of really lovely crisp bread which came in a rather nice carton package that I liked so I took the box and decoupaged it with old vintage book pages and then stamped it with black ink, so now it can be used again for our own products. This is the result:


I will continue to explore alternative routes for creating and reusing packaging, and the question still remains, do we need so much of it?





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Art & design studio focusing on sustainable existence; aiming to create ecological and beautiful products for events, private use and display. Eco-Design-Umea offer ecological art & design, deco, up-cycled garments and odd furniture's with a twist. we are here to create opportunities for people to leave a better carbon foot print by offering them better choices; we all have a choice of how our foot print will be…

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  1. Loving this post. I have pretty much the same troubles in my head daily… The waste of pretty much everything, the plastics… People don’t think of all the things they buy and then throw away… These thrown away things don’t disappear into thin air- they stay. And make the planet “heavy”…

    1. Hi liisur!
      thanks for your thoughtful comment, and I can only agree with you and not only is it a problem with throwing things away; its also a problem with the production as that in itself creates more pollution, uses resources and energy as its adding to the environmental destruction…we really need to think differently don’t we, however we cant control the world but we can make our own decisions. very best regards!

  2. I don’t think plastic will ever stop. Doing so much research in health foods, this is one of the biggest drawback. Love your work here and your support. The rising patents, competition is putting a lot of pressure on low scale industries. Well as some companies advertise on their packaging “return it and they will give some cash back” , can be used to educate local wholesalers. The big ones who have a certain turnover a year, should be made mandatory to produce environment friendly. I like glass as it has less chemicals. My mum use cracked cups, or empty glass packaging to put some small plants. Many countries have recyclable bins, I think the concept of reusable/non damaged bins can be introduced. They can put on the packaging reusable – and that can be put in the bins. But this requires lot of hard work and education system in place with campaigns, etc. Phewww, so much I can write about this. Your post is very engaging.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. thanks for such a interesting and thoughtful comment; -it is good to know that others are just as concerned about this as I am, maybe together we can make a difference, who knows! will keep checking your thoughts… very best regards

  3. We have recently moved from the US to Germany (thanks to the Army), and I have noticed less packaging on most items. We often visit the Gretankemarkt (beverage market) where everything comes in glass bottles. A deposit on each bottle is paid, but you receive the exact amount back when you return the bottles! The bottles are sorted–and this will blow your mind–they are REUSED! They are cleaned and sanitized and refilled! Trash is sorted thoroughly here as well. Plastics, metals, glass, paper, and refuse are the 5–yes 5–bins that we fill each week. Unlike the states, each bin gets picked up separately and taken to either a refuse plant or the proper recycling plant. Don’t get me wrong though, there are still many things sold that come in way too much packaging. However, stores do not have plastic bags. every shopper brings bags with them. We go to the open markets for our veggies, fruits, breads, cheeses, and meats every Saturday with our basket and bags. Nothing is wrapped in plastic. the butchers and cheese mongers use paper to wrap their products. We had to purchase an egg carton in order to purchase our fresh eggs form the market because they charge you for the biodegradable cartons. We love it!

    1. Hey and thanks for your great and interesting comment! we also have 5 different bins and it is in fact needed, but I am very intrigued about how you can find a place to shop which does not provide the actual food wrap / container, because that does encourage people to provide and re-use their own packaging! brilliant! -tell us more please!!!

      1. We shop at what is similar to a Farmer’s Market in a nearby town here in Germany. We also shop frequently at the Flea Market in Cheb (border city between Germany and the Czech Republic). The local German clothing stores do not have shopping bags. But the H&M, New Yorker, and one other store that I can’t remember right now use plastic bags. The shoe store that I shop at does not sell the shoes in the boxes. The kitchen gadget store–again I forget the name of it–has everything on the shelves or hanging on a display without packaging. I have no idea where people in the states or other nations can shop without all of the unnecessary packaging. Buy anything from the Army Exchange or Commissary (that’s our grocery store) and it will all the wonderful plastic and paper packaging. However I have noticed a distinct lack of Thrift or second-hand stores. The US is full of them and I loved to buy clothing, furniture, and misc items there for up-cycling or re-purposing.

  4. You know Angelique, your comment is really inspiring and encouraging, you have even given me an idea for creating non-plastic shopping bags! and it looks like you guys are located in a really great place in terms of forward thinking ecological living!! I hope more places can catch on to this lifestyle and offer us more ‘package-free’ products, -in fact its a bit of a personal dream!

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