recycle material to make something new…

With all the bits of fabric, cardboard and unwanted garments we have at home I feel its time to clear out and make something new, -rather then just putting it in the bin (japp, I know, that is the easy option) but hey its so much more rewarding when you have actually made something and it could be a nice gift for yourself or someone around you. In my case and in this instance, this creation is for my little girls,  you know they just happen to be the people I love the most, so making things for them comes quite naturally…so here we have some recycled artwork.


circle of friends

                             So what materials were used for creating this image?
well to start with I got a bit of cardboard as backing (the cardboard came in a delivery that I received the other day) and then I cut out the owl’s body from some fabric that was laying around the house and glued that to the cardboard. Then the wing was created with a bit of lace which came from a skirt and the eyes and beak were made out of a paper bill (glad I could use that for something more fun…) and green yarn were added around the eyes as a contour line. To complete the image I painted some stripes and dots with ecological paint and framed it, -so here you go! 

2014-05-07 12.30.25 2014-05-07 12.30.36 2014-05-07 12.30.06 2014-05-07 13.32.37

The other day my friend posted an article about a guy that does recycled art on a much larger scale which I found very interesting, so click on this link for some humane inspiration and architecture on a whole different level!


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  1. Thank you Liisur! your comments are as always much appreciated! -by the way, my parents had a fantastic time in your home town, and they said its very pretty, (still have not seen any photos but I am sure you must have a few to show…) and I read your post ‘Up and Down like a W***** Knickers!’ which I think is really well written and I would just like to add that sanity and insanity are very close to each other… and for me, creativity has always been my little ‘boat’ to keep me afloat; as its a place where I can channel my thoughts and emotions (though that does not mean I don’t cry, scream and stamp my feet) but without that I probably would have killed myself… lots of love x

    1. Hej! Ha! I’m glad your parents enjoyed themselves 🙂 Also- thank you for your comment on my latest blog post about depression and pills and sanity/insanity. It’s always great to get a view of how other people feel about it. And yes, you are so right- sanity and insanity really are very close to eachother… Just like the line in between genius and insane is thin. I suppose it depends who will be judging and in accordance to their standards someone is either insane or sane and quirky! 🙂 Creative people have always been my secret heroes… And I like your style 🙂 I always wondered where in the name of god do all those cool ideas come from? I always think- Damn it, why didn’t I think of it! 😀

      1. -oh I like that, “secret heroes” sounds like a title of a great song!! that stays…hmm might have to explore that concept a bit further…

    1. So great to receive your comments!! and yeah the guy building houses for homeless people out of scrap materials is just awesome! -let me know if you have any inspiring news. x

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