eco kids toys and playhouse

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Lets turn the focus to our little ones; my oldest daughter keeps asking and talking about ecological concepts and she really can’t understand why people would spray toxins on natural products like fruit and veg and how people can then buy it?!?! -it does not make sense to her…(or to anyone else for that matter)

We have now spent some time cleaning out this little playhouse and we want to fill it with eco toys and natural materials. We have already picked out some lovely wooden toys and there are loads more to find on-line. One of our favourites at the moment is a wooden stable with horses (my girls are mad about horses…) and the nice thing about it is that you can take it apart and then put it back together again; -kids like interactive toys and its also good for their development.


I think there are some lovely eco toys out there on the market, some of them are a bit pricy but as I am trying to teach myself and people around me to not over-consume (which we all do) and be more selective;- I am not planing on buying loads of stuff however I have to admit that I find it hard to resist all this eye-candy, if I could I would buy all of it! but just looking is also quite ecological! Here are some of my favourites at the moment; (however as I said we will be selective of what we will fill the little playhouse with). I know that the girls like playing cooking and animals, -cooking is interactive and they can recreate real life as they process things around them.

My youngest girl, who is a year and a half, really likes to pull things along and pack, unpack, open and close things, so she enjoys animals which she can pull along and things which she can build, load and unload so the cooker, market stall and pull along animals would probably be a good bet for her. The oldest one, who is five, is obsessed with horses so I better make sure that we have some four legged friends there and the circus sets her imagination free. What would you pick?

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Good night!


eco holiday

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we have just finished our eco holiday in the countryside, and in a few words; -its been great!!! we did not have any running water or toilet so our basic needs has been put to the test, but we did have green fields in every direction and plenty of quality time together, cooking and eating outdoors and playing garden games and most importantly -laughing a lot! its been a long time since I have felt this happy and the fact of waking up to bird song and the smell of coffee and going to sleep to the sound of silence with the people you most love -makes you wonder what else you need?!?  its also felt great to avoid plastic and toxins as far as possible and I am reading ‘Zero Waste Home’ which is further inspiring to some life changes… now my next challenge is to start and grow our own food however that will have to wait to next summer as the season is very short here. But we did come over some eco meet as one elk got killed by a car and my partner (who is a chef) was called out to help butcher the dead animal (am not very comfortable with killings and cutting raw meet so have decided to not post any pictures from this event) but he was extremely happy about this and kept saying “darling its ecological!!!!” anyhow, we all make our choices…happy holidays!!

collecting water


Now we are back from the island and the fact of being completely surrounded by water, and the occasional rain, has made me think about water a great deal. And this morning when I was taking a shower in my parents house the water suddenly stopped, -so annoying! with soap on the body and shampoo in the hair I had to step out and dry myself, -what else could I do, there was no water!?! We quickly packed up and went to the Eco House project, which neither has any water  (it has never been installed), anyhow we tackled the garden with different tools and made some plans of what to grow there, and it just hit me that we need to collect rain water! why did I not think of that earlier??? -of course that’s what we need to do, so obvious! But as we have decided not to bring any plastic or newly produced objects in to the house we need to source something second-hand or make it our selves from recycled material… for now here are some pictures to start off the thinking process, and maybe more people will be inspired to collect rainwater?!?

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maybe this last one is too rustic? but which one do you vote for or suggest? well will look around and see what I can find but will definitely start collecting rainwater one way or another!


A little trip

Sorry for the delayed posting but we took a boat and went to this little island for a few days -and it is very nice to momentarily change the ambient. Then when I saw that they stock ecological products in the hotel I got even happier! And they even have orgánic wine and a lovely play room, however I did not photograph that due to respect for other guests…will come back here!