eco holiday

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we have just finished our eco holiday in the countryside, and in a few words; -its been great!!! we did not have any running water or toilet so our basic needs has been put to the test, but we did have green fields in every direction and plenty of quality time together, cooking and eating outdoors and playing garden games and most importantly -laughing a lot! its been a long time since I have felt this happy and the fact of waking up to bird song and the smell of coffee and going to sleep to the sound of silence with the people you most love -makes you wonder what else you need?!?  its also felt great to avoid plastic and toxins as far as possible and I am reading ‘Zero Waste Home’ which is further inspiring to some life changes… now my next challenge is to start and grow our own food however that will have to wait to next summer as the season is very short here. But we did come over some eco meet as one elk got killed by a car and my partner (who is a chef) was called out to help butcher the dead animal (am not very comfortable with killings and cutting raw meet so have decided to not post any pictures from this event) but he was extremely happy about this and kept saying “darling its ecological!!!!” anyhow, we all make our choices…happy holidays!!


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Art & design studio focusing on sustainable existence; aiming to create ecological and beautiful products for events, private use and display. Eco-Design-Umea offer ecological art & design, deco, up-cycled garments and odd furniture's with a twist. we are here to create opportunities for people to leave a better carbon foot print by offering them better choices; we all have a choice of how our foot print will be…

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  1. Ah this sounds so great! 🙂 in fact it sounds like home 😀 My sister’s family is involved in hunting and I too tend to stay away from these events of butchering. The green fields around and great family time… ah, this is the life! 🙂 Wonderful pictures to go with the story 😉

      1. Ah there have been times I didn’t visit home for 2 years.. then I’d go once a year.. now however I feel it’s important to see my family atleast 2 a year.. I don’t know what it is- maybe I’m getting older and seeing that there’s only one things that truly matters- family … and there’s no place on Earth like Home 😀

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