blueberry paint

Apart from making delicious smoothies and blueberry pies, I have been making some true ecological paint using only berries and salt; -and boy did I feel happy when I came to clean out the brushes knowing that what went down the sink did not harm the nature in any way!2014-08-26 12.20.052014-08-26 12.43.34

just could not resist making a picture of the sink and my washed out paint, it just felt so good! to make the paint I simple blended some berries and mixed it with a bit of salt to help it set in the fibers of the paper and then used a normal flat brush to paint with. The consistence was quite thick but I am sure you can dilute it with a bit of water if you wish it to be more runny. Then I also experimented with the colour itself by tinting it with white chalk paint and here is an example of all the shades I made:

2014-08-28 11.29.44

Then I have also been working on making some paper lace garlands in order to offer more ecological decoration for wedding and parties, because it makes me see green when people buy all this decoration made in plastic from China -the largest polluting country in the world! so why on earth do we carry on to encourage that by consuming and ordering products from there?!? well partly because its cheap and quick but also because we are lacking alternatives which are economically viable, I said it before and I will say it again: WE CAN’T CHANGE THE WORLD -BUT WE CAN CHANGE WHAT WE DO!

however I do know that its not easy when there aren’t that many alternatives around…

having said that though I do think that there is an upward trend for ecological consciousness, at least that is what commercial statistics are showing here in Sweden, only in 6 months the sale for eco food has increased with 56 %  -that is great, no its fantastic!! However in other areas things are moving more slowly, and because we were planning to get married I have been looking a lot at the wedding sector (crinch!!!) and o’my god; -people are desperately buying mass-produced plastic stuff from China -for just one day and then they don’t want the stuff anymore….well could go on for a long time, but don’t want to bore anyone with my rant, instead this is my little contribution for now on alternative decoration, more will come!

2014-08-23 20.51.19



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Art & design studio focusing on sustainable existence; aiming to create ecological and beautiful products for events, private use and display. Eco-Design-Umea offer ecological art & design, deco, up-cycled garments and odd furniture's with a twist. we are here to create opportunities for people to leave a better carbon foot print by offering them better choices; we all have a choice of how our foot print will be…

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    1. thanks my dear Liisur but its also -FRUSTRATING!!! I just wish we could all get our act together and ditch mass-produced toxic stuff! -how can we achieve that? do you have any ideas???

      1. I know how you feel… I think the only thing we can do is keep spreading the word and show our friends and family that it is possible to live a great life without over consuming… Sad as it is there are a lot of people who simply don’t care and really- patience is needed with them to make them see… I do think thought that you are a great example of how to start- your child (chidlren?) will grow up with the knowledge and consideration… if we could get all parents, and in schools, to start spreading the word the next generations could make a huge difference… 🙂 I will remain hopeful… just remember, you have given your child a great knowledge already and you can be so porud as she will also spread the message 🙂

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