metallic hunting and leftover craft

2014-09-11 11.12.01

Could not resist any longer, -I suddenly fell victim for the bronze coloured trend, and in accordance with the hunting season (which has just started here in the north) I made a metallic wooden elk. You see, I really can’t kill any animals, not even a worm! so the thought of hunting is simply out of the question, however, around here it is a big thing. People belong to a certain hunting area and work in teams; and each year the government allocate them a number of animals which they are allowed to kill, and some people eagerly awaits for the hunt to begin as it is their biggest passion in life. But I will happily make do with my little metallic elk sitting on the mantelpiece…

2014-09-11 12.07.50

So what happened with the leftovers?!? well after painting the elk with metallic colour I was left with a whole sheet of bronze coloured newspaper; – hmmm what can I do with that (did not want to throw it away as it had paint on it and with my recent emotional attachment to this colour I knew I had to use it in some way) oh yes, I can make 3D placement cards for a party! By carefully stenciling out circles and butterflies and folding the wings outwards I quickly had some decent placement cards, then it was just the names; -done and dusted! cheers x

2014-09-11 12.02.23

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