pssst! I will now let  you have a peek at a little present we have made for my niece, however she mustn’t know about it yet as her  birthday is coming up on Friday…but the past week our focus has been on the kids, we have made autumn picnics in the woods with fire and hot chocolate, been to the adventure playground with friends and allowed the girls to attack the kitchen by making desserts (fantastic fun and hours of cleaning) but they enjoyed it sooooo much, -especially the eating part! so to start off this post have a look at the eco-cheesecakes and my kids stuffing their face! -yum!


so back to Freja’s present which is a soft cuddly doll made by broken garments from the whole family; thereby she will get something from all of us, and we avoid throwing away all these meters of fabric (I mean we all know how bad the garment industry is!!!) and I personally have decided to reduce consumption of new products; especially the once from China! -climate criminal No.1, –we simply can’t support them (but its not easy as soooo many things are made there) anyhow, back to Freja’s doll and this upcycle project:

2014-10-11 23.01.12

to start off I cut up my old leggings (which had a hole on right knee) and made the body, legs and hair, then my older daughter allowed me to use her leggings which were also broken on both knees to make arms and daddy donated an old T-shirt for hands and feet and our youngest one unknowingly gave up a stained and outgrown body and socks to make a head and hairbands, and all the remaining bits of fabric became stuffing. To finish we made a dress out of an old curtain and Freja now has a little present waiting for her!

2014-10-07 19.38.392014-10-07 19.46.142014-10-07 21.09.06

2014-10-08 08.49.322014-10-11 22.55.04

2014-10-11 22.59.29

The nice thing with this project, apart from being able to re-use old garments; was that the girls could help and push the stuffing in to arms & legs; -know the difficult part is that they want to keep the doll and they have already asked me to make something else for Freja…(well I am working on an elephant at the moment so lets see how we can solve the situation in a diplomatic manner), will let you know the outcome. -Have a good week!2014-10-11 22.56.31



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