How many people go on holiday by train and come back with more suitcases then when they left?

well I did!  -believe it or not we were carrying more suitcases on our return then when we left 5 days ago (after that I knew my hobby will stick with me forever). The thing is that sometimes I just fall in love and when there is an idea to pursue little will stop me, and this year I am determined to do as much as I can eco-friendly, and that includes everything, like traveling and Christmas presents for our little monkeys. So this is what I have in mind for the little ones (glad they can’t read yet…) -we will fill a suitcase with second-hand clothes and accessories to make a dressing up Pandoras box! Like that we can use recycled garments, hats, scarfs, shoes, gloves and jewellery, and the little ones will be delighted, without a doubt. Hence when I saw the suitcase in Oslo I just knew I had to bring it with me, and this is the start of the girls present.



well my tip of the year is to get people this staple-free stapler!!! -its AMAZING!

basically what it does is that it staples paper together by punching a U-shaped hole with a slit above it and then folding the punched bit of paper back on itself and through the slit, really its to good to be true! and the great thing about it is that it makes recycling so much easier and encouraging + you don’t have to buy any staples and therefore minimizes consumption. My question is why its made in plastic (well I know, but really it could have been made to last a lifetime(s)) and should this not be integrated at all schools, offices, municipalities etc etc? Just think how many staples we would save! so please spread the word and go buy a staple-free stapler for your  friend!


IMG_3841 IMG_3842 IMG_3843 IMG_3844 IMG_3845 IMG_3846



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Art & design studio focusing on sustainable existence; aiming to create ecological and beautiful products for events, private use and display. Eco-Design-Umea offer ecological art & design, deco, up-cycled garments and odd furniture's with a twist. we are here to create opportunities for people to leave a better carbon foot print by offering them better choices; we all have a choice of how our foot print will be…

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