Old window becomes menu board


Two days to go and we are almost ready for the big day! These old windows will serve as menu board and seating plan.

After searching through my fathers farm house we found three nice old windows which we cleaned up and then used a white pen to write with. The windows will be placed next to each other and around the edges we have written the guests names and in the two central panels we have presented the menu.


I started off by choosing a font I liked and adapted the size to fit the given space of the window, it took a bit of calculation but once that was done I just had to print it out and tape it to the back of the window with magic tape (which is easier to peal off and does not leave any glue marks on the glass.) Then with a steady hand work your way down, starting at the top so not to smudge the text as you go on. Then simply remove the printed sheet of paper and you are left with neatly presented text.



5 thoughts on “Old window becomes menu board

  1. Oh dear.. this wedding will look straight out of a fairytale! 🙂 so exciting…!
    Good luck to you both and the small ones for the big day! 🙂 lots of love and a long easy road for you all! 🙂

    1. Thank you Liisur!! will have a dance for you and a drink or two as well! lots of love back at ya!

  2. This is so beautiful!
    What a great idea and even better that you were able to reuse materials that were laying around.
    Great job, and I hope you have a wonderful wedding 🙂

    1. Hi Britney!
      thanks for you comment and stopping by, we did have a wonderful wedding and wish to do it all again!! Nice to see that you are also thinking of the environment and how to work in a greener way. Will follow you right back and keep in touch with eco-ideas! all the best Maria

      1. Maria,
        I was browsing your site this morning over coffee and your wedding photos are beautiful!
        Your page has so many great ideas for eco-living. I especially like your art & design category!
        Will definitely keep in touch 🙂

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