Eco Design in Umeå works with sustainable interior design for the public and private sector & styling for photoshoots, advertising and events. Furthermore, you can book an image consultation for your brand or personal image to help you create a look which is aesthetically pleasing.

I am Maria, a London trained designer and artist who initially set out in the fashion and textile industry, who has a broad and creative background. Through the textile industry I was appointed has head designer for European interior design fairs, so I have designed and arranged at Masion objet in Paris, Salon de mobile in Milano, Heimtextil in Frankfurt, 100 % design in London and Feria de Textil in Madrid and many more places.

Then I was appointed as an image consultant on a freelance basis in Barcelona, as me personal work took a more artistic road and I no longer wanted to be part of the commercial industry and its production. I moved back to London and started teaching and lecturing about art and design instead.

All this professional experience has developed an awareness for environmentally issus in the production line and hence the idea to work more ecological naturally came along.

The true expertise I can offer when it comes to creating with colors, shapes, texture, layout and final result is based on years of experience in the creative sector.  So now home is in Umeå and with a focus on working and creating in an environmentally friendly way as far as possible without sacrificing style.


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    1. Thank you so much! I feel very honored that you have chosen to nominate me, best regards!

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