Christmas tips for eco-friends

  How many people go on holiday by train and come back with more suitcases then when they left? well I did!  -believe it or not we were carrying more suitcases on our return then when we left 5 days ago (after that I knew my hobby will stick with me forever). The thing is […]

an eco-doll for Freja and cheesecakes

pssst! I will now let  you have a peek at a little present we have made for my niece, however she mustn’t know about it yet as her  birthday is coming up on Friday…but the past week our focus has been on the kids, we have made autumn picnics in the woods with fire and […]

eco kids toys and playhouse

Lets turn the focus to our little ones; my oldest daughter keeps asking and talking about ecological concepts and she really can’t understand why people would spray toxins on natural products like fruit and veg and how people can then buy it?!?! -it does not make sense to her…(or to anyone else for that matter) […]

Late night sewing and eco labels

Its been a busy week and the onset of summer here in the north has definitely given me more energy! Apart from crafty creations I have replanted all the plants in the house, -so now they are very happy, and the girls room got a little make over and am just about to complete an […]

recycle material to make something new…

With all the bits of fabric, cardboard and unwanted garments we have at home I feel its time to clear out and make something new, -rather then just putting it in the bin (japp, I know, that is the easy option) but hey its so much more rewarding when you have actually made something and […]

Plastic toy reincarnation

Thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest, I got this idea of up-cycling some of my daughters plastic toys (yes, are going through a phase of domestic plastic-dieting by trying to eliminate the use of plastic at home). So with the approval of my 5 year old we got the kitchen knife and cut one […]

wedding decoration

Currently working to get all the details ready for the wedding by recycling peoples rice lamps and turning them in to garden decoration for the special day. After a multiple call for unwanted rice lamps on local advertising boards, we now have a supply of them to transform; and by using left-over paints and freshly […]

Art & Deco

Home sweet home… well I suppose we all like to live in a decent place with nice things around us, however I am going to propose that ‘nice things’ should be something personal and ecological, may that be recycled, up-cycled or created from scratch doesn’t really matter as long as we like it and it […]