Old window becomes menu board

Two days to go and we are almost ready for the big day! These old windows will serve as menu board and seating plan. After searching through my fathers farm house we found three nice old windows which we cleaned up and then used a white pen to write with. The windows will be placed […]

Eco-deco making in mint & silver; -with flu in the house.

Yes my little ones are not well, so have been busy with runny noses, feverish nights and killing toss, therefore time has been divided between that and making eco-deco for the wedding. In fact I love making things so am a bit sad that the actual date is approaching as I wish to go on […]

Getting closer…100 prints ready!

‘Figure it out’ ‘Crow’ ‘Public transport’   Not far to go, am almost ready to open up EcoDesignUmea’s own webshop! -feels exciting and scary at the same time… So how did this happen?!? …  ok  here is my story:   Last year;  – well in fact on the 8th of December it will be exactly 365 […]

burning wooden plates and illustrations

Apologies for the lengthy silence, been busy with an interior design project, working with wood and old details has given me some ideas. So after purchasing some ecological plates in bamboo (which is a very popular eco-material at the moment) for an event I thought it would be nice to personalize the item with customers […]

metallic hunting and leftover craft

Could not resist any longer, -I suddenly fell victim for the bronze coloured trend, and in accordance with the hunting season (which has just started here in the north) I made a metallic wooden elk. You see, I really can’t kill any animals, not even a worm! so the thought of hunting is simply out […]

blueberry paint & paper lace garland

Apart from making delicious smoothies and blueberry pies, I have been making some true ecological paint using only berries and salt; -and boy did I feel happy when I came to clean out the brushes knowing that what went down the sink did not harm the nature in any way! just could not resist making […]

Back to the grim reality…

So it finally came to an end, our free life with plenty of nature and fresh air, here we are waving good bye to the countryside and returning to the city… bye bye green grass and hello gravel. however, on the return to the city we faced some distress when we passed the supermarket to […]

Eco house

Our project this week has been to work on this old abandoned timber house in the middle of nowhere, beautifully located at the end of the world. We have acquired all furniture second hand, so not one single piece has been bought new, as we are hoping for this house to be as ecological as […]

recycle material to make something new…

With all the bits of fabric, cardboard and unwanted garments we have at home I feel its time to clear out and make something new, -rather then just putting it in the bin (japp, I know, that is the easy option) but hey its so much more rewarding when you have actually made something and […]