metallic hunting and leftover craft

2014-09-11 11.12.01

Could not resist any longer, -I suddenly fell victim for the bronze coloured trend, and in accordance with the hunting season (which has just started here in the north) I made a metallic wooden elk. You see, I really can’t kill any animals, not even a worm! so the thought of hunting is simply out of the question, however, around here it is a big thing. People belong to a certain hunting area and work in teams; and each year the government allocate them a number of animals which they are allowed to kill, and some people eagerly awaits for the hunt to begin as it is their biggest passion in life. But I will happily make do with my little metallic elk sitting on the mantelpiece…

2014-09-11 12.07.50

So what happened with the leftovers?!? well after painting the elk with metallic colour I was left with a whole sheet of bronze coloured newspaper; – hmmm what can I do with that (did not want to throw it away as it had paint on it and with my recent emotional attachment to this colour I knew I had to use it in some way) oh yes, I can make 3D placement cards for a party! By carefully stenciling out circles and butterflies and folding the wings outwards I quickly had some decent placement cards, then it was just the names; -done and dusted! cheers x

2014-09-11 12.02.23

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Ecological marketing

Sometimes it just drives me nuts, all these freebies that you get everywhere!…all in the name of marketing. Well ok I have to admit that it does work in getting our brains washed in believing and consuming certain brands, but honestly as a person and parent who wants to make a conscious decision of reducing and reverting the consumerist concept I feel a bit relentless about having all these cheep looking and pretty useless marketing objects around the house, so what can we do?? yes I confess; -most of the time I bin them (in the correct recycling container of course) but tonight I had another idea…tititittiitii

During my momentarily battle of whether to set up a professional on-line store or just sell creations on a whim, a client placed an order, and I suddenly felt that I wish to spread my eco brainwash to other people (marketing!?!..) and there it was, one of these gadgets that the kids had taken home the other day and japp, -why not transform that! so here it is, an ecological, up-cycled marketing piece, hopefully with a more meaningful message

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Here above you can see the original jigsaw with Snoopy before he was killed and buried by an eco-warrior, -may he rest in peace…Amen.

Eco invitations

For the environmentally conscious mind; here we have some pretty cool eco-invitations for a wedding, which are printed on re-usable tea towels. The original towels were bought second hand and then our own design (Eco Design Umea) were printed by an environmental printing company, so when the guests receive their invitation  not only will they be reminded of the couple (a textile designer and a chef) but they will also have a product for life.

Moreover; this will give them a hint about the ecologically conscious vintage wedding they are about to attend, whereas many invitations end up in the bin, these can be used again and again; and that is the whole idea of this event, -use objects which have a second purpose or already exist -all in the spirit of establishing a long-lasting relation with the material world and move away from the buy & throw away mentality that our consumer society has today.

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