Say no to advertising and go digital

Today I am very proud of myself for phoning up different commercial companies who send me their directories and paper adverts and cancel all this junk mail. Even thou we have a note on our door saying “no advertising” we still receive everything which carries our name and address, so thanks to Bea Johnson’s book ‘Zero Waste Home’ where she cleverly explains that the best way to reduce waste is by stopping it from entering your home I had the idea of stopping this junk mail from entering our home by contacting the ones who send it. Believe it or not,  everyone I spoke with was very friendly and happy to help with this idea of decreasing waste and paper consumption.  Also there are a lot of companies who now-a-days send you advertising digitally and even thou that can be annoying too at least it does not physically use resources.

That leads me on to my second topic; digital work. I have spent the last week or so creating art work on the computer, well its not all done on the computer, I have used paintings and drawings which I had laying around and collaged them together in to new pieces.I am now going to reproduce them in a certified environmentally friendly printing company, and compare the material used that way versus using paint and glue. The question to be explored: is digital reproduction better for the environment then physically using art material and making things new 1st hand?well I think so but am not sure yet, but I have just spoken to the printers and we have decided to do a test run first and then work out the impact, so I can compare the use of ink versus the use of paint per piece…These are the pieces to be tested, what do you think?



presents & paint

As summer holidays are coming up, I quickly needed to create some ecological presents for the staff at the nursery our girls attend (they are lovely and definitely deserve to be remembered), and as I have the fortune to have a chef as partner, he quickly threw together some ‘garanpinadas’ which basically are roasted nuts covered in crystallized sugar. Yes I know, sugar isn’t good for you but believe me, -they are yummy! so my job was obviously to come up with some form of  packaging for these delicious treats, so after raiding the cupboards I found 6 equal glass jars to re-use which we then covered with paper lace lids and hemp string. In order to make the cards I re-used colour sample strips from the DIY store (as we recently bought some paint for our coffee tables) and cut out some hearts in different colours. -japp, done and dusted!! so here you have an eclectic mix of presents, painted furniture and ideas.

garanpinada  almondstables  before2014-06-09 12.20.222014-06-07 14.05.55

These are the 2 colours we choose for the coffee tables, which you can see in the above pictures (the brown version is the ‘before look’) and remaining sample cards became gift tags for the nursery staff, -now lets hope they will like them!

2014-06-10 12.59.09 2014-06-10 12.57.59             2014-06-10 12.57.10 2014-06-10 12.54.34

2014-06-10 15.53.17 2014-06-10 15.53.35

and I thought I show you a little peek of my home studio (it is actually quite convenient to have a studio at home as then I can work when the girls are asleep)

so this is where most of the creations are currently born:)arrow

2014-06-07 14.12.14 2014-06-07 14.12.00  2014-06-07 14.11.26  2014-06-07 14.11.53

here you have a thing I am currently working on, which basically is a collage reflecting my geographic position at this time of life, of course with recycled materials such as paint strips, news papers, old drawings and dyed paper lace.

2014-06-10 13.44.37 2014-06-10 13.44.18


collective effort

2014-06-06 22.42.47

You know, I was just thinking about how to change current consumer behaviour, and that you got to start with the small things in your own life, but if we all did it it would actually be something really big, the change would be collective. Ok this was hardly any rocket science, however it is good to remind oneself that we are all part of the bigger picture. -Yes, I know that people around me probably think ‘oh  here she goes again’ when my repeated conversations of what is better for the environment, how to minimise our carbon footprint, or how to recycle and consume in a more conscious way etc etc starts; -but at the end of the day I know that on some level my nagging is making them think and even if they just change one thing it is a step towards the collective improvement, and how we can get better! (got to stay positive otherwise its so daunting…) So we all got to help out in improving the environment, on whatever level we are able to!

bbSo lets keep at it!

now, while my angels were asleep I got some old photos out and suddenly I had this urge to make a collage, so by re-using old images and newspaper/advertising I ended with these little creations, – of course, late at night… it seems like that is my time to work, the only problem is that my 1 1/2 year old always wakes up around 5 in the morning…but what can we do? well, just keep at it and change for the better, no?!?


If you want some more inspiration from someone who has taken this idea of change to a whole different level, check out Bea Johnson at ZeroWasteHome

who has really gone the full hog of changing her lifestyle! quite interesting, but of course, we all have our ways…so which is yours?


Ecological marketing

Sometimes it just drives me nuts, all these freebies that you get everywhere!…all in the name of marketing. Well ok I have to admit that it does work in getting our brains washed in believing and consuming certain brands, but honestly as a person and parent who wants to make a conscious decision of reducing and reverting the consumerist concept I feel a bit relentless about having all these cheep looking and pretty useless marketing objects around the house, so what can we do?? yes I confess; -most of the time I bin them (in the correct recycling container of course) but tonight I had another idea…tititittiitii

During my momentarily battle of whether to set up a professional on-line store or just sell creations on a whim, a client placed an order, and I suddenly felt that I wish to spread my eco brainwash to other people (marketing!?!..) and there it was, one of these gadgets that the kids had taken home the other day and japp, -why not transform that! so here it is, an ecological, up-cycled marketing piece, hopefully with a more meaningful message

2014-06-02 22.04.542014-06-02 22.05.052014-06-02 22.04.462014-06-02 22.06.162014-06-02 22.07.052014-06-02 22.08.202014-06-02 22.09.252014-06-02 22.09.56 2014-06-02 21.59.02         2014-06-02 14.59.57


Here above you can see the original jigsaw with Snoopy before he was killed and buried by an eco-warrior, -may he rest in peace…Amen.