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Not far to go, am almost ready to open up EcoDesignUmea’s own webshop! -feels exciting and scary at the same time…

So how did this happen?!? …  ok  here is my story:   Last year;  – well in fact on the 8th of December it will be exactly 365 days since I had a bad accident and broke my sacrum bone completely (lower part of the spine)

Yup, believe it or not but I slipped so badly on the northern ice that I fell backwards and broke my back, well to be honest I could not believe it and its taken me some time to grasp.  At first the doctors were not very positive and said they could not operate because it was to risky, that I was over-optimistic and they explained that the injury needed to self-heal,  (which I am now in the process of)  and apparently that will take a few years.

However, after 6 months of being nicely drugged up I started making little things at home and working on the computer whilst healing my back  (by then my whole being were itching to create)  and that is when I started this blog. So I have used this time to set up an on-line life related to my passion of ecological art & design (am a great believer of creativity and sustainable existence), which feels weird and interesting at the same time… lets see how it will go. My back is still in bad shape and am still taking the same amount of painkillers but every 2-3 months I can notice a slight improvement, like being able to stand longer and walk a bit further.

Anyhow, I don’t want this to sound like a sob-story! – and at first I did not want to share anything personal here but as time is passing EcoDesignUmea is becoming a part of my life and giving me a lot of joy and satisfaction,  in fact I am a very positive person (most of the time) who just wish to create and change a few things in this world, so that is what I am going for.

Now I have just received my first bit of eco-stock, the above prints are part of that, and then spent the whole day researching environmentally friendly ways to support this concept, learning about branding, marketing and all this other stuff which I feel is a bit of drag and out of my field but it keeps me occupied.  So lets see but hopefully I will find a way which stays in line with the whole eco idea, from materials (re-) used in initial stages to the final product & packaging, -so if you have any tips please share them!

Good night and thanks for sticking around!! x

P.S. all above designs are created with recycled materials



collective effort

2014-06-06 22.42.47

You know, I was just thinking about how to change current consumer behaviour, and that you got to start with the small things in your own life, but if we all did it it would actually be something really big, the change would be collective. Ok this was hardly any rocket science, however it is good to remind oneself that we are all part of the bigger picture. -Yes, I know that people around me probably think ‘oh  here she goes again’ when my repeated conversations of what is better for the environment, how to minimise our carbon footprint, or how to recycle and consume in a more conscious way etc etc starts; -but at the end of the day I know that on some level my nagging is making them think and even if they just change one thing it is a step towards the collective improvement, and how we can get better! (got to stay positive otherwise its so daunting…) So we all got to help out in improving the environment, on whatever level we are able to!

bbSo lets keep at it!

now, while my angels were asleep I got some old photos out and suddenly I had this urge to make a collage, so by re-using old images and newspaper/advertising I ended with these little creations, – of course, late at night… it seems like that is my time to work, the only problem is that my 1 1/2 year old always wakes up around 5 in the morning…but what can we do? well, just keep at it and change for the better, no?!?


If you want some more inspiration from someone who has taken this idea of change to a whole different level, check out Bea Johnson at ZeroWasteHome

who has really gone the full hog of changing her lifestyle! quite interesting, but of course, we all have our ways…so which is yours?


Back to packaging

Following a previous post about packaging a great deal of comments and new findings has made it very clear that a lot of people are concerned with this issue.  Last week a friend of mine brought my attention to a new shop in Germany called Unverpackt, a supermarket without packaging where you simply bring your own containers and refill them -like in the old days! Looking further in to this I found that ZeroWasteEurope has a great round up article about different shops in Europe that follows this concept, and it made me wish that everyone could have access to one! -would it not be great if we all could go shopping without buying all the scrappy plastic!? With all this in mind and fuelled by a comment from Angelique (who now lives in Germany and buys at farmers markets) I started thinking about shopping bags!  Despite bringing our own containers we would still need to carry our groceries home right!?! So to stay in tune with the whole ecological design idea I came up with these tea-towel grocery bags which have recycled leather belt handles; -which are strong and sturdy with a minimal impact on the environment,  as all the materials already exists.  So could they be something we could use?

2014-05-12 11.38.33 2014-05-12 11.38.53 2014-05-12 11.39.01




One thing that is really bothering me at the moment is packaging. Since we watched the documentary ‘Food Inc’we have religiously bought organic and ecologically produced products and I am proud to say that the fridge is now weekly stocked with ecological food. (watch the movie if you haven’t done it already) However, as good as this is, the majority of goods are wrapped in plastic and not in just one layer; -no often in several different layers or containers of plastic!

so my question is why? -is this really necessary? and what alternatives do we have in the battle for a better environment…well I have done a bit of research and yes there are quite a few companies who produce environmentally friendly packaging, however they are still in the minority so what can we as individual do?!? well this is one idea, and in no means is it the only one, but the other day we had a pack of really lovely crisp bread which came in a rather nice carton package that I liked so I took the box and decoupaged it with old vintage book pages and then stamped it with black ink, so now it can be used again for our own products. This is the result:


I will continue to explore alternative routes for creating and reusing packaging, and the question still remains, do we need so much of it?




what do you think?

Do you care about improving and appreciate creativity in this world? Does environmental issues concern you? Do you like to do things a bit different and have a good time? If you were to organize a party what would be important to you? Do we have to choose; and if so what would you choose? hmmm a lot of questions… what do you want?

Design has a lot to do with thoughts, decisions, creativity, and fun -and if we can combine that with environmental concern I think we have got a winning concept, or what do you think? well maybe sometimes we can’t include them all in one object, but its good to try!

-what do you think?